So. What's going on today? Ummm, my French presentation group just called me and informed me that they can't meet tonight, so we have to meet tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Doh. I hope I wake up in time...and I may be conscious for the meeting...

And I really have nothing to say, except that I got two ridiculously random e-mails today. See, I'm trying to sublease my apartment this summer, so I listed it on a few sites, and now I get really random messages. Well, one is really weird, and the other is rather cryptic.

This one, I don't really understand, since what he wants is obviously not what I'm offering (since I'm offering a furnished studio for $400 a month). It's from a .cn domain, which is in China:

I am a male non smoking bachelor and want to find a cheap room in price of 150 to 250 $ per month, is the
price OK for you? I can share kitchen and bath room with others.
If the apartment have move than 1 room, I want to find room mates to share.
I want to find a room in price of 150 to 250 $ per month, is the price OK for you?
If I rent your room, will you issue a certification to QC government stating that I have been in your room for certain period? because QC government need proof showing that I have been lived in QC for certain periode to be eligible for QC resident.
Shall we sign a lease or contract if I rent your room?
Must I pay fee for the contract or lease?
Shall I first rent your room for 1 month?, if it is too expensive to me, can I move out?
How much deposit shall I pay in advance?
How much is your rent?
Is your price include heating, water, energy?
what about telephone?
I will visit your apartment May 1st, is that OK?
If it is OK, I want to rent your room from May 1st, is it OK for you?
How can I go to your apartment from airport Dorval by public transportation in detail?
Is your room ground floor or basement?
I want to buy a second hand cheap bike, where can I buy it?
Is your room furnished?
If I rent the room, Is there a lock on my private room?
Are there many black people living in the area where your room located?
Which district is your room?

Mit freundlichen grussen
Best Wishes
David Deng

And the second one, well, I just don't get:

Subject: rent

my name is Alon green .33

I'm not from canada,
after completing a service as an officer in the infantry I had refused
promotion and went to study art,
at the moment I'm living in Holland
, next week I'm crossing over ,
I am reliable honest ,and provided with saving money which will be enough
for two years ,

well Let me know as soon as possible ,if it fits you .
best regards

So...am I missing something here? I don't get it...


Oh, that was wonderful. T messaged me to bash me for criticizing her or judging her or whatever I've written about her in this journal. And generally not listen to what I said, and in effect hang up on me when I tried to explain why I thought she took things the wrong way. So frustrating...and she did this really annoying thing of saying good night repeatedly, in the middle of something I was trying to explain, waiting for me to say good night back. I didn't notice the first couple of times because I was crying, but I guess she didn't consider that.

I wasn't going to let her affect me like this...but she found a new, creative way. Well, actually, it's something that happened many times while we were dating--accuse me of something that may or may not be true, wait for me to say something she takes as incriminating, and refuse to listen to anything else until finally screaming at me or hanging up or whatever.

I hadn't missed that.


I've received word from a reader that this site is too sad. Hmm. Maybe I should put one of those polls up:

This journal is:

Well, I don't think I will. At any rate, I'm in a good mood now. I ditched my work and went to a baseball game today, which was a lot of fun. I had really wanted to do that before I leave--hopefully, I can go again. I'll miss being in a city with a major league team...

Let's see, what else...I had two really interesting conversations tonight, and my cat is in a good mood, and even though the apartment is a dump, I don't particularly care at the moment. I've been accomplishing little and listening to good music all night, and it's put me in a good mood. And now I should definitely go to sleep, since I have to get up very soon to go sing, but I just thought I should record one instance of a good mood :-)


I'm back! Such a busy weekend...I went home with S (a friend, really, if I haven't mentioned that yet--she for some reason really wanted me to come home and experience her family), met her family and all of the many, many relatives, went to NYC for a day, met my father and stepmother for lunch, went back to Connecticut, stuck around for a day, then was driven back through Vermont today, and here I am, and I need to study for my exam! But I don't particularly want to. So, well, I'm not studying. I think I annoyed S quite a bit on Saturday, when we went to Manhattan, because I didn't want to go where she wanted. I wanted to go to the Cooper-Hewitt museum, which is a museum of design, and she wanted to go shopping. And then I decided in the middle of the afternoon that I really wanted to go to Brooklyn because, well, I've never been. I have no idea what it's like. So I would have liked to have just gone and walked around, but she didn't like the whole "not having a reason for bothering to go" thing, so that was shot down. Oh, and she has this incredible fear of the subway, probably justified from some past incidents, but I don't like having to be irrationally worried about my personal safety, so that didn't help, either. But it was a beautiful day in Manhattan! The weather was lovely, and there were people out everywhere in Central Park, which was so lush and green. And the sunshine shone on all the neat buildings, and everything was surprisingly clean, and I've decided that I definitely want to go live in NYC for several years after I graduate. I think the best way to do that is to teach, which I would like to do, anyway. And I just actually stated my reasons in reverse order of importance, actually. I want to teach for a few years, at least. And I would like, above all, to go to NYC. So, it works out nicely, assuming I get into one of those programs...and now I'm just definitely sure I want to do that.

I also read a pretty good book that I had picked up from the library last week. The authors were apparently a team of architects who specialize in building new towns that buck the trend of suburban development to instead resemble traditional towns. They raise a lot fo good points about how zoning regulations more or less mandate suburban-style development that many Americans would not choose if given any options at all, but they concentrate on greenfield development a lot more than I would like. I would much rather concentrate on rejuvenating the present city cores, but a lot of their ideas can be applied--emphasis on creating communities, making parking and automobiles secondary to walking and transit (although they don't do a very good job of accounting for transit..they seem to show themselves not to be transportation planners at all), mixing uses, etc. At any rate--something else I'm pretty set on going into. I would really like to go into urban planning, though I'm not entirely sure what area now. Maybe transportation planning, or maybe regional planning...I shall see. But it is something that interests me quite a bit.

And as I continue to put off my studying, well, I'm not really helping myself here. I should sleep! So, sleep I shall...


Yeah, so it`s been a while again...oh, well. Things are hectic, what with exams, and cleaning my apartment, and getting ready to leave, and everything else going on. The plan is for my grandparents to get here on Friday night, load up their van, and head out on Saturday. I'm not entirely when we'll actually make it back to NC, though...

I don't really want to leave...Actually, this really hit me the other day, and I started having sort of frantic thoughts of wishing I had just transferred to McGill, but then I realized, no, I really wouldn't be happy if I was taking four biology classes per term for the next two years. Living in Montréal wouldn't really change that...so, yes, I am glad to be going back, but I really, really wish I could spend the summer here...*sigh* I do have every intention of coming back, to spend at least a full summer here :-)

And this person I'm planning on subletting my apartment to is shaping up to be a rather, ummm, interesting person. He visited about two weeks ago, and we both agreed on the terms and such, and agreed that I just needed to get the appropriate paperwork and get back to him. Unfortunately, I was slow to do that, and then Kate hid the contact info behind a dresser, so I didn't actually find it until today. So, I had the address of the employer he gave--he told me he works for some sort of firm that does "executive searches"--and it's nearby, so I walked over to 2055, and looked in the building directory for Cyr Management...no luck. So I walked up to the guy at the desk and asked if he knew where they were. He told me the name sounded kind of familiar, but then he couldn't find them in his directory, either. So we checked the phone book--he had a brand new one--and sure enough, they're listed at 2055 Peel with the same phone number I was given. We called it, and it's just a message saying to leave a message. Hmm. I felt like I was in a scene from The Spanish Prisoner, a really neat movie...Steve Martin plays this con man who sets up this incredibly elaborate con, and when people go back later, they find out that everything was merely deceiving appearances. Oh, so the desk guy recommended that I not trust this Cyr Management, "if you know what I mean." Yeah, yeah.

So now I'm pretty much convinced that the guy's in some sort of organized crime. Organized crime is huge in Montréal, after all. I called the home number he gave me--he says that he's living at home because he just broke up with his girlfriend, or something--and left a message, and he called back at, like, 11. He said he had just gotten back from a party and he just had a number, no message. I had to remind him that he's renting my apartment, and after a while he agreed to my version of the truth, and agreed to come by tomorrow and fill out the forms. So...hmmm. This is all rather shady. But the thing is, I'm backed into such a corner that there's no way I'm finding anyone else before I leave, and so long as he leaves the apartment intact, he'll at least pay something for it...and maybe he'll be using it as a base for some drug ring, but that's none of my business, right? Heehee...

Okay, so, yeah. It's almost 3. Time for bed. Bell Canada may actually get around to cutting off my DSL tomorrow, so I may not write for a while...or I may get bored while at work. We'll see...

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